Our field services match you with fast, reliable IT support.


Ovation Workplace Services can help you streamline your IT processes for faster execution.


Having a team of trusted experts on stand-by can save precious time when downtime threatens your business.

Field Service Offerings

Ovation is here to help with your staffing needs by providing dedicated and highly trained IT resources and removing the burden of additional work on your own team. Our approach allows you to better utilize your internal staff while using an interim workforce for complex projects or special nonrecurring needs.

Productivity is just a call away.

Whether you need to upgrade every router in all of your stores in multiple cities or perform a Windows upgrade to thousands of units in a short time frame, we can handle it.

We can provide support for in-place teams or build scalable teams to check-in/check-out on-site techs and ensure that devices are appropriately configured. We also offer after-hours capabilities to increase response time to clients in deliverables and project reporting.

Modern support and solutions.

Utilize only the services you need, when you need them, and for as long as you need them - with our wide and reliable talent pool, expert project coordination and ticket management model, we bridge the gap traditional staffing models struggle with.

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Why Us

We are a true variable workforce. We are channel partner driven and that makes us provide the right resource and support to our clients. We take complete accountability to deliver quality of services consistently. With a custom solution approach we help our clients reduce their overheads that helps them focus on their business goals and productivity.

Channel Partner Driven

We are well connected in the industry and partner with highly professional experts.

Complete Accountability

Our end-to-end ticket management system delivers confidence.

Delivering Value

Our expert technicians will help create a solution to your needs.

Giving you the greatest return for your investment in IT

We strive to save your money and deliver stellar results by reducing your businesses overhead costs.

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